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5 Big Reasons To Be Excited About Choosing A Nursing Career

reasons choosing nursing career

1. Nurses Are Needed 24/7

There’s a reason this is stressed often, because it’s true: nurses will always be in demand. Think about it… emergencies, accidents, and problems happen at all times of the day, requiring doctors to be on call, which in turn requires nursing assistance for a work flow that enables patients to be taken care of in an effective manner. You can start as a vocational nurse and work your way up into higher paying nursing careers such as a critical care nurse.

2. Job Security

It’s sometimes overlooked, but simply knowing that you have a job that will keep you surviving (and some!) should be enough to get you excited about your nursing future. Even if your job gets boring, you can choose a different specialty such as pediatrics or you can hop over to another state and begin an entirely new experience.

3. You Won’t Be Bored

The experiences and daily occurrences that you will be exposed to on the job will always give you something to talk about amongst coworkers, family, and friends. Because you run into different people every day, you get opportunities to learn each day leaving you to ask yourself every morning: “I wonder what will happen today…?”.

4. A Rewarding Experience

Not only do you receive a chance at helping people survive, you get to apply the knowledge you learn into your own personal life, as well as everyone else around you. If you’re really feeling generous, you can even bring your abilities into lives of the homeless or elderly (this always looks great on your resume too!)

5. Flexibility

Employers will often adapt to a nurse’s schedule outside of work, allowing them to have a bit of freedom in managing their own lives whether it be spending time with the family, studying on the side, or to just simply relax. Studies have shown that a relationship between flexibility in the work place and decreased stress levels exists.

Keep these 5 reasons in mind the next time you find yourself weighed down by your studies or if you’re questioning whether choosing a career in nursing is worth it.

Marian College’s licensed vocational nursing program offer a great place to begin your path to becoming a nurse, guided by passionate people who are willing to help you along the way.

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