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Adventurous Nursing Career Opportunities

Many ambitious nurses are unaware of the plethora of nursing career opportunities that exist within the field. We’re excited to tell you that nursing is not limited to working in a traditional hospital setting. There are other exciting routes to take: flight nursing, oil rig nursing, and cruise ship nursing are a few examples.


Flight Nursing

Flight nursing is an adventurous opportunity for those who love a bit of a thrill. A flight nurse is a highly trained registered nurse, whose main priority is to administer pre-hospital care on board aircraft or helicopters. They are normally accompanied by flight paramedics and flight physicians, making a fully operational sky team. If a medical physician is not present, then a flight nurse will assume the physician’s role by providing the necessary care for a patient.

How do you become a flight nurse?

First, you must obtain your registered nurse (RN) license with either an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. Our nursing program at Marian College is a great starting point. Then you must further your studies with post-graduate training in either emergency nursing or intensive care. Many certified flight registered nurses (CFRN) have at least 5 years of experience in an intensive care unit (ICU), emergency room (ER), or other critical care based hospital. They are also normally equipped with other certificates such as neonatal resuscitation, pre-hospital trauma life support, and advanced cardiac life support.

Oil Rig Nurse

Oil rig nursing (also called oil platform nursing) is not for the feint of heart as this position is sometimes acquainted with long periods of work and little sleep. Oil rig nurses are responsible for the oil rig crew by treating any injuries that may happen on the job. Working on an oil platform is a dangerous job so injuries are frequent, sometimes even fatal. Oil rig nurses are required to treat life-threatening emergencies such as heart attacks. The job is compensated by generous pay. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics oil rig nurses earn an average annual salary of $70,000 -$100,000. Hard work pays off in this field.

How do you become an oil rig/oil platform nurse?

Like any nursing role, a potential candidate must start with a registered nurse certificate after completion of either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. To pursue a path as an oil rig nurse, you must gain additional emergency or critical care experience. Many employers will also require advanced life-support training.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states communication, leadership, and critical-thinking as key attributes to possess.

Cruise Ship Nursing

Cruise ship nursing can be a very fulfilling experience as this position enables you to see the world and meet many different people along the way. These nurses are essentially land-based registered nurses except are located on cruise ships instead. The job can be very pleasurable and rewarding, often boasting high pay.

How do you become a cruise ship nurse?

Cruise ships nurses are similar to traditional registered nurses, requiring you to receive an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from an accredited university such as Marian College. It is recommended that they have experience with emergency room care, trauma treatment, internal medicine, and cardiac care. They must be able to perform CPR, Basic Life Support, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Excellent communication skills and knowledge of additional languages are strongly preferred.

You can start on your path by reading more information here: Nursing As A Career

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