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A Helpful Guide on Applying to Jobs in Nursing

Where to go/what to do after passing the NCLEX.

applying to nursing jobs after nclexThe NCLEX-PN refers the National Council Licensure Examination for Practitioner Nurses, which is a test that all nurses have to sit for after completing their nursing education. The examination is provided by NCSBM and is designed to test skills, abilities, and knowledge that is essential for the safe and effective practice of nursing at the entry-level. Passing this test means that you are ready to become a full-fledged nurse. So, how do you proceed?

Step 1: Prepare your resume

There are numerous resume samples online, but since you are a fresh graduate with little experience and few references, you can include information about your education and clinical experiences. It is also important to include any health-related jobs you have had, memberships, and Honors related to nursing or your nursing school. The font and layout is not as important as using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as quality paper. Just one page should be enough – for now.

Step 2: Start applying for jobs

There are many different settings where you can work, including providing direct care for infants or communities, providing preventive care in health and safety programs, teaching, research, and even administration. Start looking for vacancies online, in the region where you received your nursing license – if there are work restrictions, and apply by sending your application and resume. If there is no response in one week, you can call the recruiter to follow up on your application.

Step 3: Prepare for the interviews

You should be optimistic that some of your applications will lead to interviews, so prepare for them. Dress conservatively and modestly, and plan ahead how you will respond to commonly asked interview questions. If you get nervous a lot, try practicing in front of a mirror before the interview.

All three steps are easily done online, so you will probably find yourself doing multiple items simultaneously, like filling out applications and looking for jobs. There are continuous changes in the health care system that broaden the opportunities for vocational nurses, so you have more freedom to choose a setting that interests you the most – scientific procedures, promoting healthy practices, working with children, working in hospitals, or teaching.

We wish you the best of luck!

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