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Marian College Featured on “The Nursing Site”!

marian college featured on the nursing siteMarian College is proud to announce that a couple of our very own blog posts have made their appearance on one of the top nursing blogs of 2016! The nursing blog is known as “The Nursing Site”, providing valuable information to nurses, student nurses, and those who aspire to become nurses.

Our very own blog here at Marian College attempts to offer the same valuable advice to nurses, our very own students, and those who may be considering a career in nursing.

The Two Blogs Featured on The Nursing Site

1. Technology and Nursing: How Tech Savvy Should Nurses Really Be?

This is an interesting post because it highlights an integral aspect of society today: technology. If you look back even just 20 years ago, you’ll find that technology has rapidly advanced over the years. Unless you’re on top of it, it’s very difficult to stay current, which is why we constructed a valuable post around this topic.

The short answer to the question is YES, you should be somewhat technology savvy if you decide to become a nurse. Why? Because it will give you something to offer to the older, seasoned nurses that may not be tech savvy. In exchange, you’ll receive their knowledge for mutual growth. It’s a win-win.

2. Social Skills in Nursing – Introversion and Shyness

Does shyness mean one cannot become a nurse? Absolutely not. Anyone can become a nurse and both introverts and extroverts offer different ways of approaching their patients. As a nurse, you are required to perform certain skills and duties that may not always call for conversation. As a nurse, it’s important to understand that sometimes-patient interaction is not necessary. However, interaction between team members is vital to running an efficient operation.

Find Your Answer at Marian College!

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to share valuable information, experiences, tips, tricks, and advice that we hope provide value to our readers. If you have any questions regarding nursing, simply use the search bar above to see if we have already written our response to your question. We do our best to stay current and on top of the latest in nursing. ☺

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