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Guide to Choosing The Right Shoes For a Career in Nursing

choosing right nursing shoes

Don’t learn the hard way, invest in a new pair of shoes for nursing as soon as you can!

It may have already occurred to you, but a career in nursing will mean that a very large majority of your time on the job will require you to be standing up on your feet. Because of this, it’s important to spend time researching different shoes that will provide you with style, comfort, and professionalism.

Recommended Shoes for Nurses

There are many shoes to choose from nowadays, but you should always look for a pair that is durable, lightweight, slip-resistant, and isn’t flashy (as in no vibrant colors, such as bright pink or orange colored shoes). As a nurse, you shouldn’t be trying to make any fashion statements or draw attention to yourself because of the clothes or shoes you are sporting. In the world of nursing this is considered unprofessional.


Clogs are a great starting point to begin your search for nursing shoes. These shoes are typically slip-resistant, very easy to slip on and off, are lightweight, and are essentially built for nurses. Look into the brands such as Crocs, Dansko, or Nurse Mates for appropriate, professional choices.


Some women prefer wearing sneakers, or running shoes – perfect for nurses that maneuver at rapid speeds at times such as those in ER. These provide more comfort than clogs and many nurses have already expressed their satisfaction with a good, quality made running shoe that can be worn all day. Try looking into what Nike (i.e. Nike Free) or New Balance has to offer.


When you mix sneakers with clogs, you get a type of shoe known as a slip on. Slip-on shoes provide its users with the breathing ability of a clog and the added support and comfort of sneakers. Because they’re slip on, they do not need to be tied, making them a quick and convenient choice for many nurses.

Remember: Keep it clean and classy when selecting a color – consider wearing white, light colors (such as a light blue), or even black. If it matches your scrubs, then you’re doing something right!

Marian College is a nursing school in Los Angeles that offers a licensed vocational program that will give you the experience needed in order to be a successful nurse.

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