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A Marian’s Guide to Staying Organized for Nursing School Students

You just got into a nursing school program and are beginning your very first year or you are starting a new year, either way you’ll be able to benefit from our simple guide on staying organized for nursing school.

staying organized in nrsing school tips

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Chances are, you are going to be exposed to many handouts or papers ranging from syllabi to visual demonstrations. A great way to organize these papers is by investing in a simple 3-ring binder.

Tip: Use the 3-ring binder for only a week’s worth of papers. This way, papers do not pile up and have the possibility of becoming misplaced. After a week is over, take the papers out and store them in either labeled folders or another labeled area that can be easily discerned.

Dividers are binder’s best friends. Look into purchasing a set of dividers that can be used to separate each class in the binder you have chosen. We recommend placing your schedule in the front cover of the binder if it exists.

Voice Recorders

Many students love recording lectures as it enables them to go back to a lecture in case something was missed. Be careful relying too much on these, however. We suggest using voice recorders as a supplement to your notes. Your main focus in any class should be on excellent note taking.

Post it Notes

Post it notes are a great tool to have handy in case quick memos need to be made. Jotting down a memo on your notes has a tendency to become lost, so post it notes work great at managing any memorandums or ideas that pop up.

Tip: If a teacher mentions something in class you did not understand, write it down on a post it note to reference later on for better understanding, this is of course assuming you did not have a chance to ask in class.

Different Colored Pens

Organizing what is written down using different colored pens is a great way to find out any information you need in preparation for any test. For example, you could use a red pen for anything said in class, blue for anything you personally wrote down from reading your textbooks, and green for any diagnostic information.

Tip: You can never go wrong with highlighters as a way to highlight important information. Add one to your set of different colored pens.

To-Do Lists

To-do lists are perfect for organizing what needs to be done on a weekly basis. Some people prefer having a to-do list for each day – use whichever method suits your needs better. Things that should be included on your list are: important dates such as exams, work that needs to be done at home, and any reminders (i.e. bring a certain item to the clinical).

Tip: There are many templates that can be found online that are offered for no charge.

We hope these tips help you as you progress in your career as a developing licensed vocational nurse. For more information related to organization, you could refer to our post on time management tips for nurses.

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