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Interviewing for the nursing job. 5 necessary tips to succeed

You can never change the first impression especially if you are going to interview for the new job position. That is why it is so important to prepare yourself and be confident when you meet your future employer. If you apply for the creative position at the advertising agency, they may forgive your ripped jeans and a slight delay but if you are applying for the nursing job, you should be really careful with the way you dress and behave at the interview. Here are several tips that will help you to prepare for the meeting with the future employer.


1. Come earlier. It sounds obvious but a lot of people still have difficulties with this rule. A good habit is to prepare all of your clothes in advance (perhaps the night before) and make sure you give yourself enough time to accomplish everything without being in a hurry. Remember, it is always better to come earlier and drink something in the coffee shop next to the interview place.

2. Dress right. Everyone has a different opinion about the choosing the right clothes but when it comes to nursing, there are several rules you have to follow:
• Make sure you cover your tattoos and piercings. Your hair color should look natural as well.
• Wear professional looking clothes: dresses or skirts with blouse for women. Suits or nice pants and dress shirts for men. Don’t wear too much jewelry and try to keep your make-up as natural as possible.

3. Smile, confident handshake, open sight, and positive attitude. It is important to demonstrate that you are not just a good professional but also a pleasant person to work with.

4. Do your homework. Make sure you spend some time to do the research about the company and practice your answers on the most common questions for your position. Prepare questions you would like to ask about the job. Make sure you understand what they really want you to talk about. It is always good to have several questions because it helps demonstrate your interest in the position/company.

5. Create a portfolio. It looks very professional to organize all your important documents (i.e. your resume, school records, letters of recommendations, and certificates) into one good-looking portfolio.

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