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Lessons to Live by for New Nurses

If you are done with nursing school, congratulations! Nursing school is quite a challenge and graduating is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Once you are done celebrating and venture out into the field, there will be many things you can only learn from experience and through others’ advice. Here are the top things every nurse should know that isn’t always taught in the classroom.

lessons-learnedInvest in Personal Liability Insurance

It never hurts to be prepared for the worst. To protect your license and your personal assets, invest in personal insurance separate from your employer’s in case something goes wrong. Even if you are not at fault, having insurance can help take care of costly legal fees.

Document Everything

Having a written record of everything, from interactions with patients to interactions with coworkers. Always notify the appropriate people in writing if any conflicts or questionable events occur.

Put Your Health First

As part of the health care industry, you would think nurses might take better care of their own personal health. This isn’t always the case, so it is important to always take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. Always follow safety procedures while on the job to protect yourself and your patients. Also, take time for exercise, eating well, and enjoying hobbies unrelated to nursing.

Have a Sense of Humor

The job of a nurse is not easy or glamorous. You may not enjoy what you must do to help your patients, and some patients will not make the job easier. Your attitude in these situations will make all the difference. To get through the days (and nights), you will need to be able to find the humor in the small things.

Explore Your Nursing Passions

If you haven’t found your niche in nursing, it helps to spend some time experimenting with different specialties. Different specialties require different skills and personalities, so it might take some time before you find the one that is for you. You may even find that what you enjoy will change over the course of your career.

These are just some bits of advice that many new nurses should take to heart. If you are an experienced nurse, what do you wish people had told you when you started your career?


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