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New Year’s Resolutions to Consider as a Nurse (2016)

nursing new year resolutionThe start of a New Year provides a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf, and possibly change some behaviors that may have started to slide. Many people look forward to shedding fat, drinking less, being more active in the workplace, or even getting a new job.

For nurses, the challenging work environment is constantly reminding you to change one or more things to help you get through shifts more smoothly. However, some changes may not be viable. For instance, declaring to never work overtime or leave right after your shift could affect your finances and even put your job at risk depending on the circumstances.

Nursing New Year’s Resolutions

However, there are many resolutions you can make about your personal life, career as a vocational nurse, or the healthcare sector in general that fit your daily struggles, including the following:

1. Commit yourself to learning new things

The healthcare environment is changing rapidly in unpredictable ways, and nurses looking to provide the best possible standard of care should keep themselves informed by reading journals, attending professional programs, and doing internet searches. Commit yourself to learning irrespective of whether or not your organization is paying for it or offering paid time off for you to participate.

2. Challenge yourself to make a personal sacrifice for your long-term professional success

If you have always wanted to advance your education to bring yourself closer to a long-term career goal, this is the time to take that step. If you want to get into a leadership role, you should take a charge nurse role, and invest your time to make it succeed.

3. Help to build a healthy work environment

Building a strong and positive culture in the work environment is not just a duty for those in leadership. You can choose to stop engaging in negative behavior and discussions at your workplace, and help to cultivate a more positive setting.

4. Volunteer to guide a new graduate in their work transition

Thousands of new nurses enter the practice every year, filled with passion and enthusiasm for their chosen profession. New nurse graduates often get frustrated as they experience the reality of the profession, and require good coaching to reduce their disillusion and make them aware of their important role in the world. As the future of nursing, they may someday take care of your loved ones, and coaching them will give you a fulfilling goal as you contribute to their future.

5. Find a mentor

If you are uncertain of your future in the healthcare sector, you may need to find a mentor who can offer career guidance and help to increase your awareness of your strengths and areas that need mentoring. This will also keep you motivated.

On a more personal level, you may evaluate your performance over the past year to identify areas of improvement. For instance, you can try to be more positive, smile more, be more patient, listen more than you speak, and say thank you more. Changing yourself will positively impact those around you, as well.

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