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Perks of Being A Nurse You Might Be Unaware of

You begin to discover the perks of being a nurse as you’re working the job. We’re starting to wonder why the job is in demand, as the benefits seem to be increasingly better as the years go by.

Perks of being a nurse extend beyond just monetary value incentives. When a position is in high demand, employers will look for alternative ways to make the position they want to fill even more enticing than it already was. Here’s a list of perks that you may or may not be surprised with:

A True Sense of Accomplishment

You may not feel it now, but many nurses love that feeling they receive when they contribute greatly to saving someone’s life. The few minutes a nurse spends with a patient before the doctor comes in could be the difference between a critical diagnosis and no diagnosis at all, effectively inhibiting any progress of a patient’s condition. There aren’t many other positions that offer you the chance to feel what it’s like to actually make a difference.

Abilities that Extend Beyond the Office

As a nurse, you are trained to handle emergencies that you may experience on the job. The perk is that this training extends beyond your job. The skills and techniques you learn come in handy when an accident happens to a friend or relative.

Staying More in Touch

Aside from handling emergencies, friends and family may also come to you seeking medical advice. A simple call from a friend or relative could spark into a relaxing conversation on how they’re doing, etc. You can be sure that you won’t be forgotten about amongst friends and family.

A Good Workout

Nurses are on their feet for a large majority of the day, helping them stay in shape without even trying. For some, this may be a hardship, but it’s much better to be active on your job than sitting in front of a computer.

You’ll Be Entertained on the Job

Each day will bring new excitement into your life. As a nurse, you will hear patient’s stories that may range from bone-shockingly scary to comical. Even if you hear or have to do something you’re uncomfortable with, then at least it will make for a great story with friends later on.

Job Security

There’s nothing better than ease of mind from possibly losing your job. The nursing field, according to the BLS, is in high demand and expected to grow “faster than average” from years 2012-2022 as baby boomers age, requiring more registered nurses. The best part about it: High demand typically comes with high compensation.

You can begin the path to experiencing the many perks of being a nurse through Marian College’s nursing program.

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