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Productive Ways to Spend Your Summer as a Nursing Student

productive ways spend summer nursing studentThere’s still plenty of time left this summer (2015)! If you’re thinking that summers are not as crucial for nursing students as they are for undergraduates in other competitive fields, you’re being unfair to yourself. When school is out for summer, it is time to get some much needed rest; fill that void in your life that was, just a while ago, consumed by mounds of books and endless studying.

A Few Ways to Have a Productive Summer as a Nursing Student

1. Read a Book

Nursing books are heavy and expensive. So, one of the things you did when joining nursing school was to find out which books were mandatory and those that were optional. Even if your campus has a library, there are some books that you will want to own, as they will definitely come in handy on a nearly day to day basis.

One useful book for fresh students is “The Student Nurse Handbook: A Survival Guide” that covers everything from assignments to placements to portfolios. You may also consider getting the “Made Incredibly Easy” series of textbooks. There are books for virtually everything in the series, from wound care to critical care to pathophysiology to calculations. Just get one and build your collection slowly.

2. Get Involved With Your Community

Whether it is a volunteer position or job, it is important that you get to be an active member of your community. By actively participating in the health care field while still pursuing your studies, you will broaden your nursing skills and knowledge. The experience will be vital for placement practice/knowledge, resumes, and bringing your knowledge to class.

Marian College of Van Nuys and Los Angeles offers nursing programs to kick-start your nursing career!

3. Go Abroad

Maybe the idea of going abroad during your summer may not seem practical, but you can get a lot of exposure and experience by seeing how other parts of the world operate. There are some programs that provide opportunities for students to acquire language, clinical, and volunteer experience abroad, like the Global Medical Brigades, and sometimes, the Red Cross.

When volunteering, it is important that you come across as a selfless person looking to do some good. Not just looking for a way to impress prospective employers.

4. Do Research/Assist Professors

There are probably some professors at your campus looking for lab or research assistants in the summer. If you have good relationships with your professors, consider asking them if they need your help. Alternatively, you can ask around for those looking for undergraduate assistants.

Amidst all your hard work, don’t forget to spend some time at the beach, getting a glow, shopping, and spending some time with those you love, either indoors or a night on the town.

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