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5 Smartphone Apps Every Nursing Student Should Have

smartphone apps every nursing student should haveIt’s always a good thing to keep up with the times, so to say. Chances are, you have a smartphone. Chances also are, you don’t have any great nursing student apps. And if you do, then extra brownie points for you. If you don’t, then consider these 5 apps every nursing student should have on their Android or iOS smartphone.

1. Med Mnemonics

Mnemonics are a great way to learn information in a manner that actually sticks with you. This app is all about mnemonics – with helpful tricks on remembering the wonderful world of nursing. Look into this one.

Find it here: Android / iOS

2. Nursing Essentials

It’s all in the name – nursing essentials. You will receive a handful of critical information that you’ll find really useful when you have trouble recalling certain bits of information on the job. This is better for those just out of school, but hopefully you’ll learn these things to a point where you won’t have to rely on an app.

Find it here: Android / iOS

3. MedPage Today

You can’t be a successful nurse without staying on top of recent news and current events within the industry. This app takes care of that for you and is especially great for the visual, lightning-fast readers.

Find it here: Android / iOS

4. Human Anatomy Atlas

A nurse that doesn’t understand anatomy of the body will most likely struggle. It’s important to have the foundation down – i.e. the human body – in order to be a great nurse. Our only suggestion is to try picking this app up when it goes on sale to dodge it’s not-so-enticing-price tag.

Find it here: Android / iOS

5. Nurses Aid

This app aims at aiding you in your nursing career by offering a number of different ways to make nursing life much more convenient for you on a daily basis. As a nurse, you will quickly learn how important it is to stay on top of things and this app does a great job at that specific task.

Find it here: Android / iOS

There are plenty of other options out there, but our suggestions are an excellent starting point. Our app suggestions may cost a small amount of money, but we believe it’s worth it as they provide you with much needed tools to not only help you pass nursing school, but aid you when it’s time to work in the real world (aka the fun stuff!)


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