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7 Time Management Tips for Nurses

LVN-nursing-tuitionBIGBeing in school is usually considered a happy time of life, even though a lot of students truly understand how challenging and stressful it may be. Nursing students have a lot of responsibilities and busy schedules, which can often make them feel as if things are going out of control. That is the moment when time management becomes especially important. Here is a list of time management tips for nurses that will enable them to be on the top of their tasks:

Keep a schedule handy

It is impossible to overstate the importance of keeping your schedule in front of your eyes most of the time. Make sure to write your schedule down and include all of your important dates, such as tests, exams and deadlines. Don’t rely only on your memory – that is the best way to forget something significant.

Don’t forget to eat

Sacrificing your meals is not the best way to get additional time to study. Be sure to organize your schedule in a way that you have time to eat and don’t keep yourself hungry. Hunger is a great way to lose your focus on tasks. Prepare or order dishes in advance so you always have food both at home or on campus.

Plan your day in advance

Make sure to schedule your week, or at least the busiest days, in advance. This way you know exactly what you need to do and don’t waste your time trying to remember all your duties. Planning is the best method to keep everything under control.


When you feel overwhelmed with a lot of tasks, take couple minutes to evaluate your assignments and understand which of them are your first priority. If you have a long list of tasks, you can divide them in several groups depending on importance and deadline. This will help you determine which task you should start first.

Find your perfect place to study

Everyone is different: some people like to study at home, while others feel that school is too distracting and unproductive. Try studying in different areas to find out what works best for you. It may be the coffee shop, library, campus or any other place you feel the most concentrated in.

Don’t ignore study groups

Everyone has days where they spend hours trying to find a solution, but cannot make progress as they’re stuck on a problem. In these situations you may want to try study groups. Cooperation with other students may help you finish your work faster and get a fresh eye on a problem you have difficulties with.

Divide large tasks into small parts

If you have to work on a huge project or prepare for a large test, it is especially important to divide your task into small parts. This way you will have a schedule that makes sure everything is done on time, while avoiding stress from overwhelming yourself.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of being a successful nurse who has mastered the art of managing time, then check out our nursing programs in Van Nuys or Los Angeles.

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