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Latest News from Marian College, School of Nursing

Trends in United States Healthcare

Georgetown University released a study with statistics for the United State’s current healthcare industry and trend predictions for the future. The study compared United State’s spending on healthcare with that of other first world nations like France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Canada. Among the facts is the revelation that by 2020 there will be demand for an additional 5.6 million new healthcare workers.

Here are some more interesting findings:

  • Those in healthcare tend to value social bonds as opposed to those in fields of science, technology and engineering who place more value on independence and achievement.
  • 50% of healthcare professional and technical occupations earn more than $60,000 annually, above the national average; while only 20% earn $38,000 each year.
  • In 2008 80% of entry-level RNs had at least an Associate’s degree compared to 37% in 1980.
  • Female physicians tend to be younger than male physicians while Male nurses tend to be younger than female nurses.

For more information view the full report by following this link to the PDF. Visit our FAQs page or give us a call at 213.388.3566 if you are interested in a nursing career.

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