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What to Expect in a Career in Nursing

Nursing is one of the most demanding, yet rewarding careers that anyone can pursue. If you are the kind of person who is patient, kind, compassionate, and loves to help people, then a career in nursing might be right for you.

That said, it is important that you don’t choose a career blindly just from your passion for making a positive impact in society.

What to Expect in a Career in Nursing

Here’s What to Expect in a Career in Nursing:

1. Certification

To become a registered nurse (RN), you must complete an approved nursing program from an accredited nursing school and pass the national licensing exam – the NCLEX-RN. You can work in most states with a valid license from a different state, though some may require you to recertify. If you plan on studying in a different state from where you want to work, please check the requirements.

2. A Fulfilling Job

With a growing demand for nurses in different settings, from hospitals to elderly homes, you can expect to find employment as soon as you finish your training. The high demand for nurses has also pushed up the pay, so you can expect a good salary for your hard work, as well as a significant hiring bonus.

3. New Challenges Everyday

While some people may choose a career in nursing because of the good salaries, this job is not suitable for the faint hearted. No matter the setting, you will be constantly busy and on your feet, often working extra shifts because of the nurse shortages. This job is not only physically demanding, but also emotionally tough as you will often have to deal with patients in great pain, some even debilitated, and bereaved families.

Flexible Career with Many Great Opportunities

Owing the the many challenges faced by nurses, as well as the shortage, many employers offer great work packages to attract and retain nurses. You can enjoy flexible work hours. More importantly, you can choose an area of specialty that appeals to you, including travel nursing, in-home or hospice care, palliative, child, midwifery, etc.

Though some fields may require additional training, you can get paid well to do something that you already love.

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