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Working Thanksgiving Day as a Nurse – There are Perks!

Sometimes nurses work holidays. Working thanksgiving day as a nurse is not uncommon, but there are perks to look forward to.Thanksgiving has different meanings for everyone, but for most of us this is a time to spend with our friends and family giving thanks for the positive aspects in our life. So the question becomes: what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving (2014)?

For many, we might immediately be thankful for getting a day or two off from work. However, a large majority of us will not have to worry about working on Thanksgiving Day, but some of us will.

As a nurse, you may be scheduled to work this Holiday (as well as other Holidays). Nurses are known for flexibility, but in the medical industry – there’s always someone that must be available or on the call as it would be entirely disastrous if all doctors were closed on a day where accidents do happen. Two common accidents on Thanksgiving include car accidents and burns from preparing/cooking foods.

To prevent you from getting immediately bummed out after hearing this news, we’ll tide it over with some of the perks associated with working on Thanksgiving as a nurse.

perks to working thanksgiving as a nursePerks of Working Thanksgiving Day as a Nurse (and other Holidays!)

Awesome Holiday Meals

Most healthcare facilities provide their patients, family members, and staff with awesome meals. You might miss out on Grandma’s turkey dinner, but at least you’ll have something to look forward to – and it’s on the house!

More Pay

If you’re working Thanksgiving, then you’ll get to enjoy the perks of being paid with overtime pay. That in itself is a large reason why most nurses do not mind taking the plunge this day – especially if they are not able to spend the day with their friends or family anyways due to location.

You Don’t Work the Whole Day

Chances are you may be working a 12-hour shift – which can be tiring. However, this still leaves you with time to spare after your shift is over. If energy levels permit, then schedule to do something either with friends, family, or even your coworkers if they are not busy. Also, you may not be working the next day so you can get all your Thanksgiving ya ya’s out on the day after.

Here’s one thing you can be thankful for as a Marian College student – having the opportunity to attend a nursing school with an excellent licensed vocational nursing program. We had to say it.

Happy Thanksgiving from Marian College! 🙂

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