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What to Expect

Every person is a whole being with physical, psychosocial, and intellectual attributes having individual needs and values. A person has the ability to adapt to internal and external changes. Society is composed of individuals with different values and needs. An individual makes decisions and choices based on what is most beneficial to him or her. Education should be self-directed, a lifetime continual learning process that benefits both the individual and society.

At Marian College, education is fostered in an environment of mutual respect. And education is best achieved when the learner participates actively and the employer and employee practice participatory management.

What to Expect in Your First Year of Nursing School

It’s common to feel pressure, overwhelmed, and anxious at the start of any new program – especially nursing school. Here are a few things we can help familiarize you with so that some of the pressure is taken off in your first year as a student of Marian College.

1. Class Schedule

Marian College’s class schedule is easy to follow. You can see our class schedule here. It will take a few weeks to become comfortable with the new routine, but most students adjust quickly.

2. Be Prepared to Actively Engage in Discussion

Learning is done best when you have active participation with both your classmates and the lecturer. Outside of nursing school, your curriculum was mainly as follow: read material, study it, and take tests.

At Marian College, we purposefully have smaller classrooms to encourage more intimate discussions on various nursing topics. It helps you learn the material much better than simply reading and taking tests.

3. Clinicals

An aspect of nursing school that you have not been exposed to before is the use of clinicals. To give you an idea, clinicals are where students take everything they are learning in the classroom and apply it to real-life situations, with real patients. You will be performing basic duties at first, but as you advance, your duties will become more and more advanced to help you grow. This prepares you for when you graduate. Consider it the hands on portion of class.

This information will help pave the way for your future as a student of Marian College. We have a lot of student resources that can be found in our Student Services section for further guidance including advice from former students who have graduated from Marian College.