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Preparing for the NCLEX-PN

Before embarking on your journey in the field of nursing, you must complete a state-issued examination known as the NCLEX-PN.

Beneficial Resources provided by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing:

NCLEX Candidate Bulletin – this acts as a great starting point that guides you from start to finish, including important information on how to register for the NCLEX-PN examination.

NCLEX Test Plan - this will aid you in familiarizing yourself with the testing format.

Marian College’s School of Nursing Advice on Preparing for the NCLEX-PN:

    Don’t Overwhelm Yourself - Many people fall victim to cramming information into their brains before the test. This may have worked elsewhere, but avoid this nasty trap. Take breaks, and take them often. Make sure the material you’re trying to learn is actually learned.

    Make Yourself Comfortable - Studying is done best when you’re in an environment you’re comfortable with. For some it’s the local coffee shop, for others it’s home. Find your “sweet spot” and be consistent with your study habits.

    Take Advantage of Resources -There are plenty of resources online ranging from practice tests to various books to review classes that have been successful for many. Look into different options and see if you can benefit from any of them. You can start your search by looking at the NCLEX-PN Test Plan.

    Study Groups - Don’t ditch your classmates just yet. Use each other for reviewing the material you learned in your courses; exchange resources, test each other. Afterwards, enjoy yourselves.

    Self-Review - After you’ve soaked up all of the information you studied, it’s time to see what you truly know and what you could use more help on by testing yourself. There are plenty of online practice tests you can use to your advantage.