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Nursing School Advice

On nursing forums, one of the top questions is “What would you do differently if you could go back to nursing school?” Here’s some nursing school advice from those who have been there.
  • 1. Do not be scared of all the things you are learning. Your nervousness and fear will hurt you more than it will help you.

  • 2. Some nurses and medical personnel are grumpy. Don’t let that hurt your feelings or hinder your desire to learn.

  • 3. For me, reading chapter after chapter after chapter while trying to do all of my 5 million assignments did not allow me to retain any of the information. Go to class, study relevant information according to your syllabus, and don’t over-stress yourself.

  • 4. I would practice all the “select all that apply” questions that I can. – this may not mean anything to you yet… but it will.

  • 5. First semester I looked at care plans as “stupid paperwork”, second semester I realized they were changing the way I thought about subjects. Embrace them!

  • 6. LEARN! Don't memorize!!! It seems like its not a big deal at the time but oh….it is. Learn it right the first time and you save yourself a lot of headache and time.

  • 7. Set your life up so you won’t have to work or can work as little as possible. Do what you have to. I lowered my cost of living, took out extra loans, scrimped and saved and begged. I am so glad I did it that way. I watched classmates with kids & jobs struggle, fail and drop out. Don’t blow this by setting unrealistic expectations. Set yourself up to succeed. You’ll pay off the extra money. I did.

  • 8. Take WHOLE DAYS OFF from nursing school once in a while. Like, a whole day where you do nothing for or related to school. Whatever floats your boat, a day at the beach with family or locked in your basement grotto alone with World of Warcraft and pizza. Just take a day off here and there.

  • 9. Don’t be resistant to technology.

  • 10. Be FEARLESS! Even when you aren’t!