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Nursing Etiquette Tips

As a nurse, you will be constantly interacting with different kinds of people, from your colleagues to patients to their loved ones and friends, all of whom will likely be facing certain stressors that make them irritable. While working long hours and being on your feet all the time may also wear you down and make you impatient, etiquette will allow you to maintain professionalism and cultivate good relationships. Ultimately, this will make your nursing career more satisfying in Los Angeles & Van Nuys.

Nursing Etiquette Tips | School of Nursing Los Angeles & Van Nuys, CA

Etiquette is based on kindness, common sense, and consideration as you strive to create harmony and cooperation in your health care environment. Here are a few tips to help you present yourself in a professional manner:

Introduce yourself

Whenever you’re meeting someone for the first time, it is important that you extend your hand for a handshake and introduce yourself, rather than waiting to be asked for your name, waiting to be introduced by someone else, or simply ignoring salutations and jumping right into the task at hand. When introducing yourself, start with a salutation, like “Hello”, followed by your name and your job title.

Introduce people in order of their rank

When introducing two different people, like a nursing student to a surgeon, say the name of the higher-ranking person first, and introduce him/her to the second person. Then introduce the first person to the second one. For instance, “Andrew, i’d like to introduce Janet Brown. Janet is one of the new nursing students who recently joined us for her first clinical. Janet, Andrew is our head of surgery since 2009.

Have a firm handshake

A confident handshake creates a positive first impression and sets the mood for mutual respect. Stand up, lean forward, smile, make eye contact, and have a strong handshake. However, keep in mind that the handshake rule does not apply to all cultures, like Hindu, where men never shake hands with women. Some people may also be struggling with arthritis, and a handshake may be painful. So go with the flow.

Lastly, maintain a positive, professional image

When working as a nurse in Los Angeles & Van Nuys, you want everyone to identify you as a professional, competent, and respectful person. Dress accordingly, wear a name tag, watch your body language, smile sincerely, be approachable, and show care and interest. Be the symbol of calm and authority when needed.

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