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Why You Should Get Involved in Student Activities

Students work hard in high school to get into a good university or college in Los Angeles & Van Nuys to pursue the career of their dreams. As graduate students, they work even harder, dividing their time between classes and homework, and sometimes work, family, and a few other commitments. It seems like they don’t have the time to squeeze in student activities.

Why You Should Get Involved in Student Activities | Nursing School Advice

However, graduate students should try to add some more non-academic related activities to that list because they can impact their experience as students and career afterwards in a massive way. There are many reasons why you should get involved in other activities, including:

1. Better connection to your school

Higher learning institutions have an abundance of resources that students can exploit, if they can find them. Getting involved in various activities gives you opportunities to explore any opportunities and capitalize on them.

2. Experience

If you did not take part in any extra-curricular activities while in high school, no you have an opportunity to acquire new skills and experiences that may help you in your professional or social life.

3. Networking

Getting involved in an activity that you’re passionate about allows you to meet new people with similar interest and possibly make lifelong friends.

4. Developing new skills

You can choose to join an activity that helps you develop your existing sills, or one that presents an opportunity to learn new things. At the very least, you learn to work as part of a team, you become a more effective communicator, you become better at public speaking, and so much more.

5. Fun

School should not be all about serious stuff. By sharing your passions with other people, you will be able to form strong friendships that make everything you do fun.

Student Activities Look Great On Your Resume

Lastly, you should know that recruiters and employers today don’t just look at your school grades when evaluating your candidature. The skills and experiences that you gain as part of a team or in a leadership position where you manage talents and solve conflicts can be applied in any situation in the real world. Those skills can set you apart from other candidates with similar academic qualifications competing for the same opportunity.

Most universities and colleges in Los Angeles & Van Nuys have a list of activities and organizations for new students to participate in. So find one that sparks your interest and enjoy the learning experience.

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