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Finding Nursing Jobs

While nursing is a growing field, jobs aren’t going to fall into everyone’s lap. It can be difficult finding a job as a newly licensed nurse when those hiring are looking for candidates with experience. The best thing for you to do is make connections and keep in contact with them well before you start looking for a job. Volunteering and working at places like nursing homes can help you gain experience while networking with professionals in the field who may recommend you to someone or even hire you.

If you still have trouble finding the right connections, network at events where you will meet other professionals in the health industry. The Association for Health Care Recruitment hosts chapter meetings, as does the American Organization of Nurse Executives. Attending these kind of events out of curiosity for gathering more information shows that you are genuinely interested. When attending these meetings dress professionally, have business cards and copies of your resume handy. Make sure to have questions ready for those you meet, and to get their business cards too. Show initiative by emailing them after the meetings, and make sure to keep in touch.

The important thing to remember is that they are looking for personable professionals that are passionate about nursing. Get to know your connections better, even if you do not see a professional relationship with them turning into an immediate job offer. Be actively involved in the organizations you take part in to get the most out of your memberships.  Surrounding yourself with others in the field will help you find the right opportunity and learn more about where you will make a better fit.

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