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10 Success Tips to Get Through Clinical in Nursing School

Congratulations, if you’re about to start your first clinical rotation. This is a major milestone for student nurses in Los Angeles & Van Nuys as it means that you have completed the first phase of your nursing program, have been through the Transition to Care event, and you’re ready to take the next step and start gaining real life, practical experience in a clinical setting.

10 Success Tips to Get Through Clinical in Nursing School | Los Angeles

You’re probably experiencing mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness about your performance. Here’re a few tips to help you be successful in clinical:

  1. Keep an open mind when approaching each patient. This will keep you from being judgy and allow you to adapt faster when dealing with patients from different backgrounds and those that have been through different experiences.
  2. Every medical professional you interact with can teach you something. The CNAs and techs have a wealth of knowledge about caring for patients because they spend a lot of time with the patients.
  3. Develop mentorship programs. Listen to the clinical instructor. Your adviser plays a big part in shaping your professional development. Try to learn from every person you encounter, especially those that you admire and occupy positions you hope to reach in your career. Learn about nursing, administration, time management, and everything else.
  4. Ask questions. You’re still a student, and your clinical should be treated as a learning opportunity. Ask questions and look for opportunities to practice different nursing skills.
  5. Take your clinical seriously, as if you were actually working there for a living. This mentality will help you to avoid other people’s negativity and keep you focused.
  6. Plan your time wisely. It is important that you be on time and be ready for the day with all the necessities – notepad, pens, stethoscope, etc.
  7. Show up with enthusiasm. Keep in mind that your attitude is a major factor when venturing into something new. Be ready for anything.
  8. Respect your fellow students and new work colleagues, and aim at establishing great working relationships. Keep in mind that you will likely work or encounter them in your profession.
  9. Pay attention to your personal life as well. Don’t get consumed by nursing and start neglecting your family, friendships, self-care, partner, and personal activities. You need a break sometimes to avoid burnout and to develop a life outside work.
  10. Be committed. This is like a sum up of every other point. It means facing your fears, being active, taking notes on everything, respecting your colleagues, volunteering at every opportunity, and not giving up even after making several mistakes.

Lastly, continuously work on your communication skills. Keep in mind that patients and their families open up their lives and entrust you with private information so you can use it to improve their health. Know how to communicate their concerns to other medical professionals, and how to comfort them without giving them false hopes, and you will enjoy your clinical in Los Angeles & Van Nuys.

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