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3 Ways on How to Improve Nurse Doctor Communication

As you set out into the real world of licensed vocational nursing (LVN), you will come across a challenging issue that has been well documented: the relationship between nurses and doctors. Doctors are often tired, in a hurry, and lack any type of leadership training, resulting in a broken system of miscommunication. We’ll offer you 3 ways on how to improve nurse doctor communication.

1. Engage in Conversation

Here’s a good first step: spend no more than 5 minutes introducing yourself to the doctor. And by introduce we mean get to know each other. If you can’t find a good topic to talk about then you can always default to mingling about any patient stories you or the doctor may have. After talking with the doctor, you may end up realizing that lo and behold they’re similar to you in many ways. This will help make things more comfortable between you both.

2. Open and Clear Communication is Key

Many nurses, especially newer ones, are afraid to speak up, even when they might have really useful information. The truth is: open, honest communication is the most effective form of communication that can also earn your doctor’s respect. Try not to sit back and let the doctor always call the shots. You have to remember that with the amount of shuffling patients doctors are constantly performing, it’s not uncommon for them to make mistakes that you could have prevented.

3. Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork

You should always keep in the back of your mind that at the end of the day, you’re a part of a team. Successful teams cooperate with one another. Yes, the doctor may be the one who calls the final shot, but you should still stand up to issues or suggest ways of changing things around if you believe the office is being inefficient.

We hope these tips help you progress in your career as a licensed vocational nurse.

If you want to learn more about nursing as a career, then check out Marian College’s vocational nursing program where you could start on the path to success.

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