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How Do I Know if Nursing is Right for Me?

how to know if nursing is right for meChoosing your career is a big decision. So, if you’re considering attending a nursing school hoping that you will ultimately become a nurse practitioner, how do you know that it is the right profession for you?

Marian College of Los Angeles has composed a few questions to ask yourself before you decide to join a nursing school program:

1. Do you have the right skills and temperament to become a nurse?

Nursing requires a lot of patience, compassion, caring, and helpfulness. As a nurse, you should genuinely want to help make a patient’s life better during their suffering, whether it is due to injury, illness, or stress. If you have always been a helpful and caring person, and are willing to take some science and mathematics courses, becoming a nurse could be your calling.

2. Are you a details person?

Some like to look at things from a general perspective, which is not bad. But a nurse needs to focus on all the small details, from assessments of patients to the little changes for the better or worse, to the specific instructions of doctors.

3. Are you a people person?

You need to look at yourself genuinely and see whether you can work with and respect people of all kinds regardless of their age, gender, size, or financial status. In the hospital you should be prepared to meet all kinds of people, including rude people who are not always pleasant.

4. Are you a team player?

Healthcare is a team effort with doctors in the lead. You will also have to work with lab technicians, fellow nurses, other hospital staff, patients, and the family members and friends of the patients. You need to be able to cope with different viewpoints and working styles.

5. Do you have the vital abilities?

These include time management, problem sensitivity, inductive reasoning, speech clarity, active listening, deductive reasoning, and critical thinking, among others.

Final Note

Everything said, you should know that there is more to being a nurse than running around the Emergency Room or ICU checking on patients, dispensing medicine, and getting vitals. There are many options in nursing, and you can choose to work with the very young or very old; focus on education, giving instruction to patients, or training other nurses; become a phlebotomy nurse by focusing entirely on blood; or specialize in another field.

An important part of determining whether nursing is right for you is identifying the specialty field that you would like to pursue within nursing, as well as those you would never like doing. Identify the required skills, the work environment, types of patients you’re likely to deal with, and specific challenges you are likely to face, and determine if you can handle them on a daily basis and overtime.

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