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Men in Nursing – Male Nursing Benefits and Stereotypes

men in nursing, male nurse benefits

Some of our very own Marian College students!

There has been a stigma against women in so many industries for years and years. The inequality has been accepted and fought against, but like many stereotypes, the notion sticks. Virtually every occupation other than nursing has been male-dominated. Nursing is one of the few industries where patients expect to see women – if not prefer to be cared for by a female nurse.

When men started showing an interest in the occupation, and the number of male nurses began growing over the years, men were met with a taste of that disdain women have felt. Luckily for men, the span of time they’ve had to spend with that stigma has been much less than what some women have experienced. There’s even AAMN, the American Association of Male Nurses, who make up a foundation of support for men in the nursing field. This sort of support has contributed to alleviating so many painful experiences men have endured during their path to equality in the nursing field.

Of course, with any struggle for equality, there’s still work to be done, but many articles highlight the positive perspective of male nurses. There are many more fantastic things about being a male RN than there are things to be deterred by. Here’s a small list we have comprised that reveal male nursing benefits:

  1. Respect –

There is no question that the education and clinical training required to even test for an RN or LVN license is demanding and challenging. You’ll gain discipline like you may never have had before, and carrying that experience with you naturally attracts respect.

  1. Low-maintenance uniforms –

Who doesn’t like wearing comfortable shoes and basically pajamas to work? The hours may be long but it takes mere minutes to get ready, allowing for an extra 30 min to an hour of sleep you may miss out on with those suit and tie jobs.

  1. Hours that allow for a life outside of work –

A typical nurse’s schedule is 3 days on, 4 days off. Seriously? That’s more time off than stay-at-home-moms get! With 13-hour shifts, your work week is half of a typical 9-5er. You literally could take a mini-vacation every week.

  1. Great salary –

More often than not, the trade off of workload to salary for an RN is one of the best around. People work way harder for much less money, and they don’t necessarily get to help people for a living.

  1. Hero status –

Isn’t it every man’s fantasy to play the hero? Well, as a nurse you get to be one everyday. Patients count on you, and they’re very grateful. Their lives are truly in your hands. Much like a police officer or fireman, nursing is a civic call to duty. You’re contributing to society on an intimate level that few other careers can offer.

  1. Amazing odds for co-worker romance –

Because the percentage of men on a given nursing staff is still around 10%, the odds are in the male RN’s favor for finding love with a female staff member – despite how cheesy it may sound.

This laundry list fulfills many a male’s fantasy job checklist. Not to mention, nursing is a career that will always be in demand. Caring for people will never be obsolete. So guys, there’s no shame in the nursing game, in fact, a career in nursing is calling your name!

I’m Interested. Where to Start?

Marian College is a great place to start your nursing career with a dedicated LVN program in Los Angeles.


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