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Propel Your Nursing Career to New Heights

nursing career adviceTimes have changed, and it takes more dedication, hustle, and tenacity to get a job today than it did for your parents. Even with a degree, it will be hard to get your dream job right out of nursing school. Although this can be disappointing, it also allows you to set realistic goals and expectations.

It will take you a while to get to your dream position, and as long as you have the passion and will to keep working towards your goals, you can progressively acquire skills and create experiences that will bring you closer to actualization. So, how do you keep you maintain your drive?

Inspired Actions
You need to consciously examine your nursing career to see what you like about your current situation, and what events can foster new growth.

  • Evaluate your level of fulfillment: Every now and then, evaluate whether your career is providing you with the learning and fulfillment that you desire. Be honest with your assessment. Is your career challenging enough? How supportive is your workplace? Do you think you need to change what you’re doing and/or your work environment?
  • Link up with other professionals: It is important to build a robust professional network by meeting with other nurses and professionals who can be instrumental in helping you expand your interests and contacts around the country or world.
  • Stay Aware and Awake: Stay informed on events taking place within your professional, both locally and the wider medical sector. Are there new certifications that you’re interested in? What advances in your specialty should you be aware of? Are there shifts or trends that might threaten your employability?
  • Personal evaluation: This is one of the most important actions that requires you to be honest with yourself. Are you content on a personal level? Is your career nourishing you as a person? Does your job provide opportunities for emotional, mental, and/or spiritual growth?

New Growth
You can encourage growth and development within your profession and work life by interacting with other nurses and healthcare professionals, attending interesting seminars and conferences, assessing and addressing your changing needs and desires, or conducting research on trends in the nursing or healthcare landscapes.

To achieve this, it is critical that you be a team player. You need to be comfortable working with others, and still maintain contact with your non-medical friends for a change of environment when you need it.

Final Thoughts
Your probably became a nurse because you like helping others, but you will be doing that for a long time, probably decades. So, it is important that your career path fulfills your needs. Seek workplaces, colleagues, and experiences that feed your desire and curiosity for professional fulfillment.

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