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Signs You Have What It Takes to Major in Nursing

Pursuing a major in nursing is a little different from being in a different major. This doesn’t necessarily mean that other majors are easy. Generally, most college courses comprise exams and several lab sessions. But nursing school has many different exams, clinicals, simulation labs, reading assignments, certifications, and so much more.

Signs You Have What It Takes to Major in Nursing

To succeed in a nursing major, you need certain qualities to help you stay focused and motivated. Here are some signs to show that you can handle the demands of nursing school:

1. You are Flexible

With clinical rotations, things hardly ever turn out the way you planned them to. A seemingly small problem can quickly escalate into a life-threatening situation. Last second changes occur very often. In the hospital environment, so many unexpected things can happen, so you need to be flexible enough to handle each situation as it arises.

2. Perseverance

You need a strong sense of determination to pursue a course in nursing. One of the biggest challenges is striking a balance between completing the mandatory hours of clinicals and completing the tough nursing school curriculum. Moreover, you need to meet all the requirements of your studies while being available to your patients as a student nurse.

3. Empathy and Compassion

When dealing with different kinds of patients, from nursing mothers to elderly patients, you need to be able to allocate how much time you can spend with each patient according to their unique needs, to provide them with the level of comfort they need.

4. Great Communication Skills

You need to use the appropriate form of communication – telephone call, text message, email, face to face conversation, gesture – as the situation demands. Learning about the various diseases, illnesses, surgical procedures, and other healthcare information is just one part of being a good nurse. You also need to be able to listen and communicate well with your patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals.

Final Note

Lastly, keep in mind that you will be spending many hours on your feet, often with minimal rest. You need to prepare yourself physically and mentally to meet the unique demands of the nursing profession.

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