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Telemedicine- There’s an App for That

As we see a rise in the capabilities of today’s smartphones, applications are doing much more than increasing productivity and providing entertainment. Consult a Doctor, a telemedicine services and technology solutions provider is taking telemedicine to a whole new level with its iPhone application, iDR 24/7. The app is free to download off iTunes and will allow users to consult a doctor on call for free medical advice. Additional services like prescriptions, diagnosis and treatment plans will be provided at additional cost.

iDR 24/7 connects you with a doctor in real-time

We are intrigued by this new avenue for telemedicine, and we can’t help but wonder what effect it might have on traditional health care. While patients might still prefer to see a doctor in person for regular check-ups, will this app or future technology influence patients’ decisions to visit urgent care clinics or change the way they seek emergency care?  What role in medicine do you think technology should play in the future? Would an app like iDR 24/7 work for nurses too?

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