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Things to Consider as a Nurse When Getting a Tattoo

nursing tattoo ideasWe’ve said it before; it takes a particular type of person to become a nurse. It is believed that those that decide on starting their nursing journey to begin with, are usually composed of the attributes needed to be a good nurse. It is only normal to reward yourself after all the studying and preparing for the job, with a little bit of something. Many professionals like to reward their hard-earned accomplishment with a small tattoo. Although this may be accepted in many other professions, nursing isn’t necessarily the most liberal profession of them all.

Which is why when it comes to nursing and tattoos, you should consider the following:

Let’s Talk About Hospitals and Their Dress Codes

Not all facilities are the same and their acceptance with tattoos. If you’re currently job hunting, we highly recommend to hold off on the tattoo until after you’ve been hired. But if you have already gotten a job, be responsible on the procedures and policies in your workplace. Many facilities have set dress codes and usually management would gladly discuss with you.

You’ve Encountered This Blog Post After Your Tattoo Appointment, Now What?
Fortunately, it is not the end of the world. Just like technology, apparel continues to improve and adapt to the times. Nurses now have options when it comes to covering up a visible tattoo.

Looking for ideas to cover up a nursing inspired sleeve you ended up getting? Head over to our pinterest and look through some of the options you have for covering them up!

You Discussed with Management and Said Yes to Tattoos

It feels good to avoid any work complications by being transparent and communicative with your management. Let’s say your inquiry regarding tattoos and their dress code ended up being more flexible than you had originally expected – now you are finding yourself looking through inspiration for a small and appropriate tattoo.

Look no further! We have a pinterest board dedicated to all things nursing inspired tattoos. We took in consideration some of the more general dress codes in facilities for our selection.

Final Note

If you’ve made up your mind regardless and want to get a tattoo NOW, consider something that is easily coverable, both small and simple. Remember that this is a design that will stay on you permanently. Make sure to take into consideration all the things there are when it comes to getting a tattoo and don’t let it get in the way of your career.

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