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Best Places to Work as a LVN

best places to work as a lvnWe always tell you how wonderful a career in nursing is: job security, great pay, in demand, etc. We’d like to show you some real stats that back up these claims we’ve been mentioning all along. The information presented is current as of May 2013, is taken from bls.gov, and is representative of LPNs and LVNs only. We hope these statistics shed some light on your future, in a positive way of course!

Best Paying States for LPN/LVN (by hourly mean wage)

  • Connecticut – $26.30/hr on average.
  • Alaska – $25.97/hr on average.
  • Nevada – $25.72/hr on average.
  • Massachusetts – $25.49/hr on average.
  • New Jersey – $25.04/hr on average.

Does this mean you should flock to these places because they are the highest paying? Not necessarily. It depends on what you prefer. The mean hourly wage for LPN/LVNs is $20.63 per hour, which is great for a starting job filled with many opportunities. This means that even if you bounce around from state to state, you will still be making around the $20 per hour mark – not too shabby!

Now, if you want a further breakdown of the highest paying cities for licensed vocational nurses, then we can show you that as well.

Best Paying Cities for LPN/LVN (by hourly mean wage)

  • San Francisco = $29.97 per hour
  • Oakland = $29.90 per hour
  • Santa Barbara = $28.18 per hour
  • San Jose = $27.94 per hour
  • Sacramento = $27.93 per hour

There’s plenty of other recent licensed vocational nursing statistics you can look at such as which states have the most employed LPN/LVNs, etc. We encourage you to give it a browse for inspirational purposes.

Of course, you have to start somewhere and Marian College’s licensed vocational nursing program is just that – a great starting point to a career that does in fact contain job security, great pay, is in demand, and – let’s not forget – rewarding!

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