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Movies Every Nursing Student Should See

movies every nursing student should seeSometimes you just need a break, right? The studying, the training… we get it: vocational nursing school is tough. However, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of why nursing is absolutely one of the most interesting careers out there. There’s a reason why a few movies have been centered on nursing and the medical industry and we would like to share these movie suggestions with you.

Nursing Students Should See These Movies

Florence Nightingale – Florence was a crucial pioneer in the uprising of nursing as a career and this documentary illustrates her movement. This is an inspiring choice that is definitely worth your time. See our post on famous nurses in history.

MASH – Most of us are familiar with the satirical television series that became widely popular, but did you know the television series stemmed from an actual movie? If you’re looking for a good laugh, then MASH is certainly one for the books.

Cry Havoc – an old World War II war drama that was a popular hit back in the day is still a great nursing movie to watch today. It’s interesting to see the shift from ordinary women who take on the role of army nursing.

Wit – a relatively recent film, Wit focuses on a professor who reevaluates her life when she is diagnosed with cancer. There is a nurse in this movie that becomes an integral part of the movie.

The Nurse – if you’re looking for more of a thrill, then The Nurse won’t disappoint. Our only suggestion: make sure you do not become as crazy as the nurse featured in the film!

The Nun’s Story – a movie that is moving, The Nun’s Story is a great film to watch. Featuring Audrey Hepburn, it becomes interesting to see how she balances the roles of both a nun and a nurse during tough times.

The Doctor – a great movie that shows how a doctor realizes what his profession is all about after being a patient himself. It changes his outlook on the whole medical industry.

There are plenty of other medical/nursing films out there, but these seven suggestions are a great starting point ranging in genre to appeal to all movie tastes.

And of course, let’s not forget the viral hit nursing video that was featured by the University of Alabama Hospital in an effort to recruit more nurses.

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