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Dealing With Conflict in the Workplace

dealing with coworker conflictUnfortunately, conflict is something no matter how hard we try we cannot avoid. This is because people have opinions, values, and priorities, and when these aspects do not match our own interests, then the potential for conflict arises.

The key, however, is that conflict can be avoided altogether depending on your reaction or approach to it. Here are a few different ways to approach coworker conflict.

3 Ways of Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

1. Stay calm & avoid it.

What we mean here is to simply just avoid it altogether. If a coworker is trying to egg you on or having their emotions get the best of them, then we urge you to stay calm and naturally the situation will diffuse.

If you feel it necessary to get your opinion, re-think whether or not it’s worth it and attempt to move on. Mention that you have a job to do and that the matter can be discussed at a later time.

2. Talk it out later in person.

Meeting face-to-face to discuss issues is the most intimidating way to resolve conflict, but also may be the most effective way. This is because face-to-face conversations involve the use of important nonverbal cues and body language that often speak larger than the words coming out of our mouth. Most conflict should not be attempted to be resolved on the job.

3. Improve communication skills.

By focusing on your personal growth and communication skills, you will be more confident in saying what you what, getting what you want, and accurately getting your point across in an appropriate manner.

The only way to better your communication skills is to communicate; though there are a few qualities all good communicators have:

-they avoid troublemakers
-they don’t gossip
-they don’t backstab
-they don’t jump to conclusions until they have the facts

Final Note
Keep these valuable tips in mind the next time you see yourself amidst a conflict that serves no real purpose other than to cause an abnormal working environment for both parties in disagreement, as well as everyone around them.

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