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Top 6 Best Brands for Nursing Scrubs

best brands nursing scrubsOver the years, not only has the career landscape changed for Nurses, so has their uniform. It is not otherworldly to know that when it came to Nurse uniforms, there were simpler times. But just like anything else, their uniforms adapted to the modern times and in 1960’s the scrubs were introduced.

Scrubs and Their Journey Through Color

Scrubs coined the name after the operational and nurse work environment, which is considered to be ‘scrubbed’ space. Just as the design of the uniform evolved so did the colors and functionality. Originally white to emphasize the cleanliness and sanitation of the work environment, but were quickly replaced by green tones to help resolve eyestrain in doctors and staff due to the all-white surroundings.

Not all heroes wear capes, most of them wear scrubs!

Over the years manufacturers and designers have reinterpreted their version of the iconic uniform. New versions of the scrubs include modern features for busy nurses and tactile fabrics for easy movement. Truly complementing the agile movements and constant needs of nurse or medical professionals during their shift.

Make a statement in the latest patterns and designs; whether you’re in need of fashionable scrubs or maternity scrubs, there are options for you!

Functionality, comfort and versatility is now offered through various websites, designers and retailers. Some of the most unique pair of scrubs we came across are the following:

Koi Happiness – It doesn’t get any more fashionable than a pair of Koi scrubs. Slowly becoming a uniform staple with each and every new design they produce. Easily distinguished bold prints and out-of-the box designs. Koi designs is truly leading the way for unconventional and unique garments and tools. When it comes to nurses looking to make a fashion statement, Koi Happiness is the way to go!

IguanaMed – For female and male nurses looking to keep both their comfort and cool, IguanaMed is the brand for you. This company focuses on delivering comfort and quality. All while producing fashionable, simplistic and functional designs. When it comes to maintaining a sleek look, IguanaMed is the brand to purchase!

Cherokee – Cherokee is a well-known super brand when it comes to uniforms and nursing scrubs. Designing and selling everything you need from head to toe. You will find a variety of different fabrics, some of which are constructed to be slimming while others act as a barrier against fluids. Cherokee continually offers stylish medical uniforms outstanding in quality material and illustrations.

Dickies – We had to include Dickies in this list – an iconic and withstanding brand with a great variety of scrubs. Whether you’re looking for solid colors or colorful prints while rocking quality and ageless fabric, Dickies is the brand of choice. The Dickies line has gained popularity for its great fits and uniforms at reasonable prices.

Sapphire Scrubs – When it comes to achieving a high-end look, Sapphire is a brand to look into. This brand offers a luxurious and quality looking uniforms for female nurses. This is the perfect purchase for the nurse who doesn’t want to compromise on comfort or elegance.

Anywears – Don’t sacrifice your performance during a shift, there are appealing shoes while focusing on comfort! Nurses are on their feet for hours on end, and having a comfortable shoe is essential. For quality and comforting shoes, look into anywears!

With all the fashion options found in nursing scrubs today, there is no reason why you can’t show up to work looking great and feeling amazing. Whether it’s comfort you’re looking for or bold designs, there’s a lot of brands and designers to browse when finding that perfect pair of scrubs.

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