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Sometimes You Just Need to Take a Step Back and Relax!

marian college fun and gamesThe New Year is officially here and by now most of us have decided on a New Year’s Resolution. If you haven’t, then there’s still time as we have come up with our own New Year’s Resolution ideas for nurses.

The tricky part is maintaining progress on your new resolution. We’ll make the resolution, stay true to ourselves for the first week (or first month) and then slowly return back into our busy routine – leaving the resolution out of the picture. But at least you tried, right?

It’s easy to get caught up in the fast paced life that we live in. Advertisements begging for your attention, exams to study for, nursing classes to attend, jobs that you are responsible for, helping Grandma clean the garage out, etc.

Don’t worry – breathe. Relax.

That is why every so often it is important to take a step back from it all and just spend time having fun – in an appropriate manner. We try emphasizing this here at Marian College!

Back in August, we hosted a Marian Fun & Games event where students and faculty participated in a little friendly competition with Jenga® and other fun games. You would be surprised the difference it makes when you’re having fun, laughing, and smiling!

Marian College Family Fun Day (August 2015)

marian college jenga competition

marian college fun and games faculty

Laugh, smile, and have fun!

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