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Nursing Outlook: What You Can Expect to See in 2016

nursing outlook 2016Nursing is a field that is always changing, every year. A New Year has begun and there’s one question we want to provide some insight to: what’s in store for nurses in 2016?

Affordable Care Act

We won’t go into specifics here, but President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has been gradually implementing over the months. As a result, more and more people are obtaining access to health care. What does this mean? It simply means nurses will continue to be in demand!

The Power of Technology

We can expect to see a growing reliance on technology. Nurses and doctors are using more and more applications and portable devices on the job in order to make their medical operations more efficient.

Pro tip: Those with technology knowledge & skills will be favored over other candidates when applying for a job!

5 Smartphone Apps Every Nursing Student Should Have.

More Education Opportunities

Nurses are still in high demand and online educators know this. As such, they are continuing to push their online programs to people with busy schedules who still want education, all for an affordable price.

Start Your Nursing Career at Marian College! Nursing programs offered in Los Angeles & Van Nuys, CA with classes starting in March, 2016.

Geriatric Care

First off, geriatric care refers to care provided to older adults and their family members. Nurses in this field must have specialized skills in order to assist in treating their illnesses and injuries. The fact of the matter is that people grow old and with advances in medical technology & treatments, it’s not surprising to see that adults over 85 happen to be the fastest growing segment of our population.

Pro tip: Specialize in Geriatrics Care!

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