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5 Most Valuable Nursing Student Online Resources

nursing student online resources

As a nursing student on a licensed vocational nursing program you may have ups and downs. The best way to endure through emotionally hard times is to talk with your professors and colleagues, who have an extensive experience in the industry and can relate to you. Unfortunately, not everyone has a desire to discuss his or her personal problems at school. Thankfully, you can find tremendous support online.

We compiled a list of valuable nursing student online resources that we hope aid you in meeting hundreds of great nurses, as well as reading multiple inspiring stories and “life-saving” advice for young professionals. These online resources are all free, too.

1. American Nurses Association on LinkedIn

ANA is probably one of the most obvious groups you would want to join as long as we are talking about professional content. Here you will find all the latest news of the industry, interesting research, useful tips and priceless advice for young, aspiring nurses.

2. Nursing Jobs on LinkedIn

If you are looking for a nursing job, LinkedIn can be a great help in your search. It’s important to know that LinkedIn provides not only direct searches but also specialized groups that are available both for applicants and health care employees.

3. Nurses Rock on Facebook

Facebook is the place where you communicate with your friends and relatives, so why not use this opportunity to network with colleagues? Nurses Rock is a great resource, where you can participate in multiple discussions, get some inspiration and enjoy incredible jokes, which only you and people from your industry are able to understand.

4. Allnurses

Allnurses is a great resource for those who want to be on the top of industry news. Here you will always see the most interesting findings, controversial topics and job postings. Allnurses provides a lot of information about nursing education, world news in the nursing field and career advice for students and working professionals.

5. Student Nurse Journey

Student Nurse Journey is a great recourse for future nurses. Here students share tons of valuable information, including content for school classes, popular scholarship opportunities, news about online courses, etc. In this network, young nurses support each other and communicate on all possible topics in their profession.

If you want to learn more about a licensed vocational nurse program, don’t hesitate to contact Marian College and ask any questions you have today.

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