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Tips on Writing a Professional Nursing Resume

You just graduated from your nursing program, or are about to, life feels good, but then you hit a wall: the resume. Many new LVN or RN graduates are thrown into the world to compete against each other for the position they’re seeking inside hospitals, clinics, etc. It all begins with a well thought out resume that could be the difference between a glance and the trash can.


So what is it you should highlight or have on your resume in order to make it stand out? Marian College offers you a few tips on writing a nursing resume that has a better chance of standing out, and better yet, landing the prized job interview.


You may not have experience under your belt, but you’ve probably gained a considerable amount of hands-on training in some form or another while completing your nursing program. Did you work with IVs? Did you gain insight on assessing patients?  Did you learn any pre-operative preparations? Were you involved in any clinical rotations in your degree program? Any hands-on details should be mentioned.

High Honors

If you achieved any awards or recognitions during your program, then these are all worth mentioning. High GPAs are a great statistic to add for new graduates of nursing programs who do not have the experience to show for.

Professional Networking

Employers are probably looking for the candidate who has gone the extra mile. Have you been engaged in any side jobs such as working with elderly or working under someone as an assistant? Make sure you mention these features and times in your life. Are you associated with any professional affiliations or academic memberships (i.e. an honor society)? Mention those too. Remember that when you begin to list your involvement, always list the recent first.

Fill In The White Space

If space allows, then be sure to fill it up with useful information. As a new graduate, employers know you aren’t going to have the experience to put on your resume. That’s fine. What you could mention, however, is experience you have in unrelated fields. Maybe you worked as a seasonal worker somewhere and gained valuable skills such as time management, organizing multiple tasks at once, etc. These are all useful skills that will be used again once you land your new job as a licensed vocational nurse.

We hope our simple tips help you organize your resume into a professional appearance that aims at landing you the job interview, and ultimately, a nursing job. It all starts with a reputable program. Marian College offers a licensed vocational nursing program designed to develop the nursing skills employers seek. Contact Marian College today if you’re interested in taking the beginning steps to building a career.

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